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Agar-Agar Gummies For Valentine’s Day

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Here’s a delicious and quick recipe for cherry gummy hearts made with agar-agar. They are very easy to make, and the recipe can be adjusted to any plant-based or paleo diet depending on the juice and the sweetener you decide to use.

I, personally, used the juice from a jar of homemade cherry kompot (canned cherries) and since it was already sweetened, I didn’t have to add any additional sweetener. However, you can use any type of fruit juice you like.

I used a silicone heart mold, and I think that these small gummy hearts look like precious gemstones. They are definitely healthier than the store-bought gummies, but they are just as delicious.

In this recipe, I’m going to share how I make these gummies, but for best results, follow the instructions on the package of your agar-agar.



They can be used as decoration, too. These vegan mini heart-shaped cheesecakes are similar to my coconut mango tart, but I used cherries instead of mango, and I didn’t add cocoa powder to the crust.




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If you like the recipe, share it with your friends and if you try making these delicious agar-agar gummies for Valentine’s Day, please let me know how they turned out for you! 

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14 thoughts on “Agar-Agar Gummies For Valentine’s Day

  1. Curious, what is the shelf life on these gummies? Will they be fine if they’re kept at room temperature? Looking for a way to make bulk vegan gummies that have a longer shelf life.
    Thank You!

    1. Hi, Ashley! I am sorry for the delayed reply. Since I use natural juice, I keep them in the fridge for 4-5 days. They hold their shape at room temperature but I am not sure whether they would go bad.

  2. These look amazing. What’s the consistency on the taste of these? Are they gummy like gummy bears or like a firm gummy, swedish fish/sour patch kid type taste?

  3. Just made them just waiting for them to set:) used cranpineapple juice!

  4. Do they have to be refrigerated? I’m not sure if the agar melts in room temperature. Thanks! I can’t wait to try this recipe!

    1. Hi Claudia! They don’t melt once they have hardened, but I still keep mine in the fridge. Let me know how it turned out when you make them! 🙂

  5. Just made these, hoping they set up. Used sour green apple kool aid.
    Found that agar at Oriental Market

    1. Thank you so much, Andria! They are very easy to make. 🙂 If you decide to give them a try, I’d love to hear how they turned out.

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