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5 Reasons To Love Oats


There are more than five, but here are some of the main reasons to eat oats regularly.


Nutritional and healthy

Oats contain antioxidants which are great at reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. They are also rich in fiber which plays an important role in digestion and the prevention of colorectal cancer, as well as lowering the levels of bad cholesterol. Oats have many minerals like manganese, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, etc., and they contain the highest levels of protein of any grain. They also improve the immune system, help control blood pressure and blood sugar, and are even believed to reduce the risk of asthma in children.


Few calories

Although oats have few calories (about 150 calories in one serving), the carbs they contain help you feel satisfied for a long time and they boost your energy. This makes them perfect in any diet and they can support your weight loss.



And by “any diet”, I mean any diet. Oats are a great replacement of other grains and can boost the nutrition levels of a gluten free diet. Technically, oats don’t contain gluten, but sometimes when they are grown together with wheat and barley; there’s some risk of contamination, so be careful and look for wheat-free oats.


Great with everything

There are endless options how to eat your oats. You can put them in water, milk, yogurt and even in your soup. Not to mention oatmeal and the variety of simple desserts you can make.


Beauty weapon

Oats are often used in cosmetics, because they sooth dry or itchy skin, and create a barrier that lets the skin keep its moisture. They are great as an exfoliant and there are also hair removing masks using oats, honey and lemon juice.


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